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Tantia follows UK Successes

Tantia is now offering Hitec Laboratorie's successful Risk Management software. Tantia has been associated with Hitec for over 10 years.

TEN Risk Management Software
Case Management

Analyst's Review

Case management is a process use case that differs from other structured, predefined process use cases. Its traits impose unique requirements on support when delivered through business process management suites.

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Garnter Review

Software as a Service

New BPM Platform

Software-as-service is a way of providing software applications over the internet, rather than installing them at a customer's premises. It allows users to access their applications from anywhere, using only a standard browser, without the need for complex IT installations or ongoing IT operations administration costs. The actual applications are installed (hosted) once on a remote server somewhere on the Internet, and can be configured to support multiple customers (multi-tenanting). The combination of Internet-hosted servers, data farms and cheap broadband access that facilitates this way of delivering software is known as ‘the cloud'.
Policies and Procedures

New release of Conform

CONFORM, a solution that automates the process of creation, dissemination, audited electronic delivery and understanding measurement of Policies & Procedures releases its second version. More>>

Tantia Expands into Asia

Opens office in Hong Kong.

Tantia recently opened another office, this time in the prestigous Bank of China building in Central Hong Kong. Ian Deane VP Asia Pacific said "We have had such a demand for our products particularly from financial institutes, that opening an office was essential to give the level of support we want to provide to our clients".


the five steps of conform

Number 1.-Create the Policy


Import, or Create

Most organisations have an existing set of Policies, typically on their intranet. Conform makes it easy to import these Policies, or you can create new ones in familiar MS Word.

CONFORM has it own folder system, similar to Windows. Each new policy added shows not only the name but an extensive description you can provide, together with the source, and reference. All making it easy to catalogue. Versioning makes updates a breeze.

Number 2.-Policy Review

To ensure that policies meet today's required high standards, having the content reviewed is considered essential.

CONFORM provides an easy means to circulate policies for review through e-mail. Allowing reviewers the options of accepting, or either making comments or changing the document. On return CONFORM can merge these changes.

CONFORM allows you to set limits on review time and tracks these in its reporting system, Allowing you to 'urge' those tardy reviewers into action.

Number 3.-Distribution

Key to any Policy manual is to ensure it is delivered on time and to the correct people. CONFORM targets policy delivery to the appropriate groups, from Board level to Front Desk. Staff are no longer ovewrwhelmed, they only recieve and store appropriate policies in their personal library.

Distribution rules track that policies are read within the required time frame. Users must affirm they have read the policy. All activities are logged for reporting

Number 4.-Testing and Surveys

testsLooking at, and Comprehension of a Policy are two very different actions. It is all too easy to post the policy. But how do you know it has been read and understood?

CONFORM with its extensive testing can show you and the auditors. that the policy has not only been read, but also understood. Surveys are a snap with CONFORM V2

Number 5.-Reporting


Understanding what is happening in the organisation is critical to meeting compliance standards. CONFORM provides extensive reporting at both the enterprise level, right down to departmental, and individual policies.

Isn't it time you started CONFORMing?

* Bring order to your policy distribution

* Easily see that polices are read and understood

* Instantly see the degree of compliance

* Not only internal staff, bring Agents, and Affliliates under the Policies

* Instantly show auditors your degree of compliance

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