Quickly and Consistently Respond to Every Complaint & Inquiry

Tantia’s complaint management solution enables you to transform how you manage and resolve complaints. The solution automates the capture and routing of complaints, maximizes the productivity of your customer-facing staff and provides you with a consolidated view of all complaints being processed.

Have Visibility at all Stages

Complaint management is a critical but time-consuming task for government agencies, and customer sensitive organisations. The process can be expensive both in direct and indirect costs. Tantia’s solution helps you automate the manual steps, drive workflow efficiently across your customer-facing staff and transform the service you deliver to your end customers.


Call centre

* Fast and accurate capture and classification of customer complaints

* Automatically routes complaint cases to the most appropriate staff based on subject, classification, staff skill set and availability

* Tracks each complaint in real-time from capture and initiation through investigation, reporting and closure

* Provides a consolidated real-time view of all complaints being processed by the organisation along with their associated data, files and correspondence using an intuitive interfaceDashboard

* Drives work to completion and ensures milestones and performance targets are met using workflow, alerting, notification and escalation

* Provides real insight into your complaint management processes through graphical dashboards, MIS and trend analysis reports

* Reduces end-to-end cycle times through optimised routing of work, elimination of manual handovers and reduced reliance on paper documentation

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