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Tantia follows UK Successes

Tantia is now offering Hitec Laboratorie's successful Risk Management software. Tantia has been associated with Hitec for over 10 years.

TEN Risk Management Software
Case Management

Analyst's Review

Case management is a process use case that differs from other structured, predefined process use cases. Its traits impose unique requirements on support when delivered through business process management suites.

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Garnter Review

Software as a Service

New BPM Platform

Software-as-service is a way of providing software applications over the internet, rather than installing them at a customer's premises. It allows users to access their applications from anywhere, using only a standard browser, without the need for complex IT installations or ongoing IT operations administration costs. The actual applications are installed (hosted) once on a remote server somewhere on the Internet, and can be configured to support multiple customers (multi-tenanting). The combination of Internet-hosted servers, data farms and cheap broadband access that facilitates this way of delivering software is known as ‘the cloud'.
Policies and Procedures

New release of Conform

CONFORM, a solution that automates the process of creation, dissemination, audited electronic delivery and understanding measurement of Policies & Procedures releases its second version. More>>

Tantia Expands into Asia

Opens office in Hong Kong.

Tantia recently opened another office, this time in the prestigous Bank of China building in Central Hong Kong. Ian Deane VP Asia Pacific said "We have had such a demand for our products particularly from financial institutes, that opening an office was essential to give the level of support we want to provide to our clients".


Five Steps that will Ensure your Polices and Procedures are Received, Read, and Understood

Conform Diagram

First Create the Policy – you can either import an existing set of documents or create one in familiar Word. Revision levels make it easy to add changes
Have the Policy Reviewed – send it to an expert, or colleagues for review and comment
Distribute – send the policies out directly to those who need to see them, internal or external
Testing – make sure they understand the policy – give them a test
Reporting – the key to complinace, who has read what and when, ensure comprehension is adequate, comprehensive reports for auditors.

Check out the Five Implementation Steps of CONFORM
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Want to know more ? Read on !

Read about the background and why CONFORM was developed. Understand today's ever increasing pressure to comply and to be seen to be complying.

Executive Summary - understand why other organisations chose CONFORM to aid their Corporate Governance
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Learn more about CONFORM. Understand some of the underlying technology, see how it is used on a day to day basis.
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Watch a short video showing the principles of CONFORM.

The one minute Powerpoint overview. See screens shots of CONFORM in action
More >>

The 10 minute Powerpoint, in depth look at CONFORM. See step by step how CONFORM executes
More >>

Case Studysee why and how a leading reinsurance organisation implemented CONFORM
More >>

alliance Read how CONFORM helped a leading pharmaceutical company operate in a very regulated environment
More >>

Learn of CONFORM's success with leading European insurance companies

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HR See how CONFORM can assist HR Departments in the timely, and targetted distribution of Policies. Importantly how they can tell who has read the Policies.

More >>

How highly regulated organisations provide evidence of Best Practice & Compliance, reducing the risk of damage to their reputation

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  • Background Every organisation faces an ever increasing volume of Regulations that they are required to adhere to. Each new piece of Corporate Governance, Best Practice or Compliance Legislation...
1. File description: Conform - a short video presentation [14976.0KB]

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File notes:

Listen and Watch a walkthrough of CONFORM - see it from a User and an Administor's viewpoint

3. File description: whitepaper [1116.1KB]

File name: Conform_Whitepaper_Policy_Management_Framework.pdf

4. File description: 10 minute powerpoint [3054.5KB]

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5. File description: conformbrochure [197.3KB]

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6. File description: Conform Executive Summary [392.8KB]

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8. File description: Quick One Minute Overview of Conform [1433.5KB]

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9. File description: 10 Minute Conform Powerpoint [3054.0KB]

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10. File description: Case study, Benfield the world's leading independent reinsurance and risk intermediary [161.7KB]

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11. File description: Conform brings relief to Pharmaceutical Company [34.5KB]

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14. File description: Conform in HR [128.3KB]

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