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Tantia follows UK Successes

Tantia is now offering Hitec Laboratorie's successful Risk Management software. Tantia has been associated with Hitec for over 10 years.

TEN Risk Management Software
Case Management

Analyst's Review

Case management is a process use case that differs from other structured, predefined process use cases. Its traits impose unique requirements on support when delivered through business process management suites.

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Garnter Review

Software as a Service

New BPM Platform

Software-as-service is a way of providing software applications over the internet, rather than installing them at a customer's premises. It allows users to access their applications from anywhere, using only a standard browser, without the need for complex IT installations or ongoing IT operations administration costs. The actual applications are installed (hosted) once on a remote server somewhere on the Internet, and can be configured to support multiple customers (multi-tenanting). The combination of Internet-hosted servers, data farms and cheap broadband access that facilitates this way of delivering software is known as ‘the cloud'.
Policies and Procedures

New release of Conform

CONFORM, a solution that automates the process of creation, dissemination, audited electronic delivery and understanding measurement of Policies & Procedures releases its second version. More>>

Tantia Expands into Asia

Opens office in Hong Kong.

Tantia recently opened another office, this time in the prestigous Bank of China building in Central Hong Kong. Ian Deane VP Asia Pacific said "We have had such a demand for our products particularly from financial institutes, that opening an office was essential to give the level of support we want to provide to our clients".


Latest Release Notes - White Papers are Below these Notes

Singularity is proud to introduce the groundbreaking new release of its Business Process Management Suite, the Singularity Process Platform, equipping its customers to drive quick BPM deployments that provide early results.

Knowledge Centric Process and Case Management

In Release 3.4 Singularity introduces our market-leading Case Management capability for managing knowledge centric processes. Case management scenarios are familiar to anyone who has lodged a planning application, applied for a visa or made a complaint to a government agency – they refer to the management of an individual’s interaction with an organization or government agency over time. Cases are sets of processes and records that relate to a service interaction or series of interactions. Cases have to allow for a much wider range of variability and adaptability at execution time compared to more familiar business processes. Singularity has added a host of features to its BPM suite, such as case definitions, shared case data, dynamic attachment of new processes on the fly, automatic milestone recalculation, dynamic role allocation and much more. Together with our high-speed interface generation capability, Singularity now provides the most compelling Case Management solution available today.

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Process Portal

Singularity customers deploy portal-based solutions more and more frequently. In keeping with our objective of delivering the fastest time-to-delivery in the market, we are providing an out of the box process portal that enables customers to deploy portal solutions in minutes. Common workflow and process interface components such as work queues and status lists are provided as ready-made components in a portal interface, with users able to customize the look-and-feel of the portal pages (for example, deciding how many quadrants to show and what components should appear in each quadrant).
process portal screenshot

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SharePoint 2007 Integration

With the increasing popularity of SharePoint 2003 and the introduction of SharePoint 2007, many Singularity customers want to be able to integrate their process solutions with the Microsoft web portal and content management system. In this release we are providing core Singularity interface components as web parts that can be easily customized and plugged in to a SharePoint portal. This is in addition to our existing integration to SharePoint server 2003 and 2007 for document management.

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Pre-emptive Escalation Management

dashboardSingularity has always provided sophisticated exception management, enabling customers to monitor for particular events (e.g. ‘process is overdue’) and allowing corresponding escalation processes to be triggered (e.g. ‘route backlog to other departments and alert managers’). We can also use the Business Activity Monitor to graphically display the number and frequency of selected types of event. In Release 3.4 we further enhance this capability by enabling you to catch problems before they occur. The product can now trigger an alert or other action when a particular threshold is breached e.g. “80% of the budget has been used up” or “we’re within a day of going behind schedule’. This kind of predictive analysis enables customers to preemptively address problems before they occur.

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Rapid Delivery Methodology

Our customers want early results and rapid delivery. Singularity delivers working solutions faster than our competitors, using a combination of “Agile” techniques and our unique process technology. We have formalized our approach into a new high speed delivery methodology, known as ASAP. An iterative delivery methodology based on Agile principles, and beginning with competitive team-based ‘hothouses’, Singularity’s ASAP methodology enables us to deliver working solutions to our customers in 90-days or less. This iterative and Agile approach is particularly suited to business process improvement projects where the objective is to ensure business managers understand and control the delivery cycle.

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Enhanced Business Process Modeling

In this release, we continue to augment our Analyst modeling environment. The business- friendly, BPMN-compliant interface introduced in release 3.3 has been further enhanced to enable business user model and deploy processes with little or no technical input. The integrated screen generation capability enables customers to design, generate and view the interfaces for their processes within minutes without having to code any software. And we have continued to simplify the wizards used for integrating database and other systems, making it easy for non-technical staff to plug in third party applications and external databases.
enhanced process modeling screenshot

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Improved Forms and Interface Generation

Singularity uniquely auto-generates its interfaces from underlying process definitions, and then lets you edit and redraw the screens in a full-featured forms design environment. In this release we have tightly integrated the process modeling and forms modeling features into one integrated user environment, intuitive and easy to use for business analysts and managers as well as for more technical IT design staff.

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Continued Drive to Zero Code

Singularity strongly believes that business processes should be defined and controlled by business users. To support this, we continually seek ways to simplify our process modeling and deployment to ensure that where possible no subsequent coding or technical rework is required from IT staff – ‘zero code’. The new Case Management features, the Process Portal, along with features in the new process modeling environment, the integrated forms generator and enhancements to the wizards continue the drive toward this goal.

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